Pipe Bending Machine Technological Characteristics

Pipe bending machine,water pipe and pipe outlet

Technological Characteristics:

1 All-around multi-function cold bending machine developed by TYMCC is used for bending water pipe.The bending part is smooth and beautiful,no any crumple,cracks and scratch.This machine and technology have got patent certificate.

2 The ovality of bending part 14%,and the pipe wall thickness reduction rate16%.

3 The diameter of the ball for ball crossing test is more than 0.76 times internal diameter of the water pipe,so technical index is higher than the figure(0.76 times )for the same specified in China Industry Standards of Ferrous Metallurgy YB4073-2007 for blast furnace stave cooler.

4 Hydrostatic test:Testing pressure 2 MPa,for duration of 30 min,and at the same time,striking the water pipe with a 0.75 KG-weight wood hammer,only if no “sweating” occurs,can the tested pipe be qualified for use.

5 The water pipe after bending and forming process will be treated with sand blast for rust removal until metallic luster appears,then carburization prevention treatment will be done before pipes are used.

6 Seamless pipes are all manufactured specially,without any joint within each 10meters length,all measures will be taken to prevent any leakage.

7 Threads at the pipe ends will be made with thread cutting machine.

8 Water pipe bend radian adjusting is done in cold condition,resulting in small tolerance,avoiding oxidization water pipes.So that material quality and heat conduction effect are guaranteed.