New Type Water-Cooling Converter Mouth

Water-cooling converter mouth is the important cooling equipment for steel-making converter.Its working life has a direct concern on economic benefit of steelmaking.Once water-cooling converter mouth leak water,we must stop the furnace and change the converter mouth.So its quality requirement is strict.Converter mouths must have good high-temperature mechanical property, impact resistance, heat-conducting property.Meantime,they must have lower crack sensitivity,to maintain longer working life.

TYMCC has specialized manufacturing converter mouths for more than 20 years. Continuous innovation is the root of enterprise development.We established metallurgical cooling equipment technology R&D center and founded working condition lab.Worked closely with famous domestic metallurgic colleges and universities, designing institutes and iron &steel companies,upgrading technology and developing new products.

Ferrous Metallurgy Industrial Standard <<Cast Iron Water-Cooling Lip For Converter>>(YB/T4498-2015)drafted by TYMCC was approved and released by the Ministry of Industry and Informatization.This standard was carried out on January 1st,2016.It will play a positive role of guiding and regulating the healthy development of cast iron converter mouth industry.

Water-cooling converter mouths have two kind of basic structural styles: welded-steel plate construction and buried pipe casting construction. Converter mouths of welded-steel plate construction have biggish potential safety hazard,and operating maintenance charge is very high.So this kind of construction is rarely used now.We manufacture converter mouths of buried pipe casting construction.Our R&D staff visited many steel companies, interviewed and investigated the working condition of converter mouths and problems in use.After many years of practical experience accumulated,we have original views about the key links that the physical design of water-cooling converter mouth, material selection, manufacturing technique, after-treatment,testing,etc.At present,there are more than 200 sets of converters use our converter mouths.Under the condition of normal use and maintain,the working life of our converter mouths will stably keep 12000 heats or more.The longest working life exceed 20000 heats.So our converter mouths receive widespread approval and favor from clients.

Supplying high quality products,meeting clients’ requirements are our constant pursuit.TYMCC insist on the philosophy that“Be responsible for clients;Make clients satisfied”,supply best products and service for clients.

We promises here: Under the condition of normal use and maintain,the working life of our converter mouths will exceed 12000 heats.If their working life doesn’t reach this promise,TYMCC will change that converter mouth for free or discount settlement.

Main Performance Index:

Cooling water pipe

Water pipe cold roll forming, bend position is smooth and good-look,without ripple,cracks and scratch.The diameter of the ball for ball crossing test is more than 0.76 times internal diameter of water pipe.

The pipe wall thickness reduction rate ≤18%, and ovality of the bend position≤14%;

Hydrostatic test carried out one by one.Testing pressure 1.8Mpa,for duration of 20 min,no leakage and pressure drop,then qualified;

Qualified water pipes,need to do surface rust removal,reach the requirement that 100% metallic luster appears,then brush the anti-carburizing coating on the steel pipe surface.

Body material of converter mouth 

Body material of converter mouth is high tenacity nodular cast iron,QT400-20. performance index as follows:

Single cast test block: Tensile Strength≥400MPa,Elongation≥20%,Nodulizing Grade above 3.

Attached cast test block: Tensile Strength≥370MPa,Elongation≥14%,Nodulizing Grade above 4.

Hydrostatic test :Testing pressure 1.8Mpa,for duration of 20 min,no leakage,then qualified;

(Converter mouth)The diameter of the ball for ball crossing test is 0.76 times internal diameter of water pipe-2mm.

Practice has proved that,our converter mouth no need to be changed during 1 converter service life.We achieve the goal that converter mouth working life and converter service life are synchronous.So we and our converter mouths gained much approval and praise from clients.