BF Cast Iron Stave Cooler

Cast Iron Stave Cooler

Item No:001
Cast iron stave coolers are applied to body parts of blast furnace.Such as tuyere area,furnace belly,funace bosh,furnace body,etc.They can protect the blast furnace effectively,extending its working life.



Technical Features Of Cast Iron Stave Cooler

1 All the raw materials are purchased from fixed manufacturers,which guarantees the quality of raw material.

2 The length of cooling water pipe is no more than 10m.It is produced with the whole seamless steel tube.There is no any welding operation on water pipe;

3 The specially made mold bending water pipe is taken,and the through ball rate guarantees to reach 0.76 times of water pipe inner diameter;

4 The advanced technology is taken to carry out carbon seepage prevention processing (proprietary technology) on the surface of water pipe,which guarantees the elongation of water pipe on the condition that the requirement of carbon seepage prevention is met.

5 The production process is subject to mold operation in the whole course(numerical control automatic cutting molding),which ensures accurate dimensions of each part of the stave cooler;

6 The resin sand molding process and the evanescent mode casting process is taken to produce stave cooler,so that the stave cooler has smooth and clean surface,accurate dimensions and reliable quality;

7 During the production process,it is available to take the anti-oxidation technology of multiple water pipe inner walls,which can avoid the oxidation phenomenon of water pipe inner wall,and further strengthen the comprehensive heat conduction capacity of the stave cooler.

8 The advanced and reliable stokehole composition control and balling processing technology(the balling inoculation processing station),so that the materials can reach the design requirement accurately;

9 All the test items are tested with advanced inspection equipment,which shows the actual quality level of products,and test report is issued.