BF Cast Steel Stave Cooler

Cast Steel Stave Cooler

Item No:002
The cast steel stave cooler was independently researched and developed by TYMCC in 2008,according to the specific situation and market demand of medium/small blast furnaces.



Performance Index Of Cast Steel Stave Cooler

1 All the raw material are purchased from fixed manufacturers,which guarantees the quality of raw material;

2 The cooling water pipe are all made by whole seamless steel pipe.

3 Use the specially-made mode bending water pipe,and the through ball rate guarantees to reach 0.76 times of water pipe inner diameter;

4 The shot blasting technology is taken for rust removal,so that rust on the surface of water pipe is completely removed,and certain roughness is maintained to promote the integration of water pipe and molten steel;

5 The production process is subject to mold operation in the whole course,which ensures accurate dimensions of each part of the stave cooler.

6 The unique water pipe penetration prevention technology of our company is taken,which ensures steel pipe”is melted but not penetrated”;

7 The reliable anti-oxidation technology of water pipe inner wall is taken,so that there is no oxidation on inner wall of water pipe,and the comprehensive heat conduction performance of stave cooler is ensured to the fullest extent;

8 The electric induction furnace smelting technology is taken,which makes materials steady and reliable;

9 The vibration aging treatment technology is taken,which makes the inner stress of stave cooler obviously reduced;(test report available)

10 All the test items are tested with advanced inspection equipment,which shows the actual quality level of products,and test report is issued.