Project List(Furnace Volume 1260m³~4300m³)

Reference(Furnace Volume 1260m³~4300m³)
Company Name    Furnace   VolumeDate
Qian’an Shougang Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd4300M³2008.06
Hebei Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd Tangshan Branch(South District)3200M³2006.09
Hebei Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd Tangshan Branch(North District)3200M³2007.04
Arcelor Mittal3000M³2017.06
Anyang Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd2800M³2016.09
The Lion Group,Malaysia2580M³2008.05
Heibei Zongheng Steel Co Ltd Fengnan Branch2500M³2017.06
Qian’an Shougang Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd(Beijing)2500M³2003.12
Chengde Xinxin Vanadium and Titanium Co., Ltd.2500M³2005.11
Chengde Xinxin Vanadium and Titanium Co., Ltd.2500M³2007.04
Jiangxi Xinyu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd2500M³2007.11
Hebei Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd Chengde Branch2500M³2015.06
Hebei Zongheng Steel Co.,Ltd Cangzhou Branch2350M³2007.07
Hebei Zongheng Steel Co.,Ltd Cangzhou Branch2350M³2008.01
Chongqing Iron&Steel (Group)Co.,Ltd2350M³2012.02
Minmetals YingKou Medium Plate Co,Ltd2300M³2011.04
Hebei Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd Chengde Branch2300M³2015.08
SAIL Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP)2300M³2016.06
Valin LY Steel Co., Ltd2200M³2016.11
Capital Engineering&Research Incorporation Limited1800M³2017.07
Tangshan Guofeng Iron And Steel Co.,Ltd1780M³2006.10
Tangshan Guofeng Iron And Steel Co.,Ltd1780M³2007.09
Bhawani Industries Limited(India)1780M³2008.05
Jiangxi Jiujiang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd1780M³2008.06
Zimbabwe Iron & Steel Company Limited1780M³2009.09
Sichuan Dazhou Iron&Steel Group Co.,Ltd1780M³2009.11
Tangshan Songting Iron & Steel Co., Ltd1780M³2010.08
Anhui Shoukuangdachang Metal Material Co.,Ltd1780M³2013.04
Hebei Anfeng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd1780M³2015.10
Tangshan Guofeng Iron And Steel Co.,Ltd1780M³2016.03
Tangshan Ruifeng Iron&Steel (Group) Jinyou Branch1580M³2006.11
Shanxi High See Iron&Steel Group Co.,Ltd1380M³2008.09
Shanxi Jincheng Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd. (“Jingang Group”)1380M³2009.06
Wuan Yuhua Steel Co., Ltd1380M³2012.12
Tangshan Donghua Iron&Steel Enterprise Group Co.,Ltd1380M³2013.02
Tangshan Donghua Iron&Steel Enterprise Group Co.,Ltd1350M³2017.03
Chongqing Iron&Steel (Group)Co.,Ltd1350M³2004.11
Henan Longcheng Group Nanyang Hanye Special Steel Co.,Ltd1350M³2007.10
Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Materials Co.,Ltd1350M³2012.01
Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Materials Co.,Ltd1350M³2015.07
Cangzhou Zhongtie Equipment Materials Co.,Ltd1350M³2016.10
Wuhu Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co Ltd1280M³2017.02
Qianan City Jiujiang Wire Co Ltd1280M³2017.09
Guangxi Liuzhou Iron And Steel (Group) Company1280M³2008.09
Shandong Shouguang Juneng Special Steel Co.,Ltd1280M³2013.05
Xinji Aosen Iron And Steel Co.,Ltd(ASGT)1280M³2015.07
Xinxing Pipes International Development Co.,Ltd1280M³2015.08
Chengde Xinxin Vanadium and Titanium Co., Ltd.1260M³2004.02
Taiyuan Iron&Steel(Group)Co.,Ltd1260M³2004.05
Chengde Xinxin Vanadium and Titanium Co., Ltd.1260M³2009.10
Yangzhou Hengrun Marine Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd1260M³2015.01


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