About Us
About Us

Founded in 1994, Tianyu is a specialized manufacturing company of metallurgical cooling equipment. To date, Tianyu has provided cooling equipment and accessories to more than 300 blast furnaces and more than 200 converters worldwide, with an annual output exceeding 20,000 tonnes, Tianyu has become China's market lead of cast iron blast furnace cooling equipment.


Over the years, Tianyu product, for its reliable quality and strict delivery period, has won the favor of many steel enterprises. At the same time Tianyu has very close cooperation with the the major metallurgical Engineering Companies worldwide.


Tianyu attaches great importance to quality, at the same time, the continues progress of technology and the higher management level is the cornerstone of the development of Tianyu. Tianyu always respects knowledge and cherish talent. After years of exploration and practice, Tianyu has formed a rigorous process standard and strict management system, and constantly improves as needed. To keep the good reputation within the clients, Tianyu produce the products strictly in accordance with industry standards and technical requirements during all processes, including raw material inspection, manufacturing process Control, final product acceptance, and delivery schedule.


In the future, assisting the success of our customers will still be Tianyu's business philosophy. With a more open mind to cooperate with you, Tianyu will constantly play our technical and experience advantages in metallurgical cooling equipment, in this way to create more sophisticated products and better services to ensure the stable operation and the longer service life of smelting equipment.

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